About Us

Our Story

My name is Leah Black and I am the founder and creator of Cheeks Ahoy.

Cheeks Ahoy was born shortly after our first child. We had planned all along to use cloth diapers for our precious baby bundle in order to do our part for the environment by reducing waste. We were so excited to be cloth diapering, but soon realized that we were still creating lots of extra waste from disposable baby wipes - all those wipes just used once and tossed in the garbage! Not to mention all of the plastic in which those wipes are packaged and the long ingredient list full of preservatives…

The amount of waste that we were still creating was alarming, and the ingredient list on those disposable baby wipes did not offer any comfort either.

So I sewed up my first batch of reusable wipes out of some old flannel bed sheets and created a gentle wipe solution for our baby's tender cheeks using three simple, natural ingredients. Not only did this eliminate the waste created from disposable wipes, we also found our reusable wipes and solution to be much more effective and versatile!

My other new mom friends soon noticed, and they wanted to get some too! Then their new mom friends wanted some… They became so popular that I was encouraged to sell these locally. Thus Cheeks Ahoy was born :)

Our Products

Cheeks Ahoy started on our dining room table making simple yet effective wipes with the high quality that can only be attained by being carefully and lovingly handmade. We have now grown to offer a range of zero-waste household reusables such as Facial Rounds, Reusable Non•Paper Towels, Nursing Pads, Napkins, and more! We use all natural fabrics including 100% cotton flannel, hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. Our products are offered in retail locations across Canada, the US and beyond, and each item is still handmade with love and care by our team of dedicated moms (and a dad!) in Peterborough, Ontario.

Our Mission

Is to help make it easy for you to care for the environment by creating fun and modern replacements to common household disposables. Once the zero waste journey has begun, you will be amazed at what we take for granted. There is absolutely no need for the amount of garbage that we as a society create! This has been and always will be one of the fundamental principles of how and why we run our business - to not only reduce the actual waste we produce, but to encourage and enable a shift towards an entirely new mindset away from excessive and wasteful consumption. We believe in supporting local, we believe in paying fair wages, and we believe in giving back to our local and global community.