What is the difference between the Reusable Non•Paper Towels, Cloth Wipes, and Kids Napkins? 

Both our Cloth Wipes, as well as our Kids Napkins are 8”x8” and made from a single layer of fabric. Our Kids Napkins are made from 100% cotton flannel and come in a variety of fun and funky patterns that kids love! Our wipes come in 100% cotton flannel, bamboo, hemp+bamboo, and black hemp. They are designed to replace Kleenex and disposable baby wipes. Not only are they reusable, but when combined with our Cheeky Bits wipes solution, our reusable wipes will clean your baby’s tender cheeks much more effectively and gentler than disposables!

Our single-ply Reusable Non•Paper Towels are 12”x10” in size and come in 100% cotton flannel, or our Organic Brushed Cotton fabric. They are our most versatile wipe. They are designed to replace paper towels, but also make great cleaning cloths, dinner napkins, handkerchiefs, etc. Keep some in your pocket, vehicle, bedside table, desk, handbag, on the dining table, coffee table, in the garage...they are super handy everywhere! 

Our double-ply Reusable Non•Paper Towels are 10”x10” and are made with 2 layers of 100% cotton flannel for when you need extra absorbency. The extra thickness and absorbency makes cleanup a breeze. They are great for washing dishes, wiping spills, using as wash cloth, etc. Get them damp with warm water for wiping saucy hands and faces.

What is the difference between the fabrics that you use? 

There are a couple of differences to note.

Our signature 100% cotton flannel is soft and durable! This fabric comes in various colours and fun patterns. It is our lightest weight fabric and offers great value and versatility. 

Our bamboo items are made of 70% bamboo (OEKO-Tex 100 Standard) and 30% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. This fabric is super soft and is slightly heavier than the cotton flannel.

Our hemp+bamboo fabric is made up of 55% hemp and 45% bamboo - we love this combination as it makes for our most luxurious fabric! It comes in a wonderful natural ivory colour. 

The black hemp fabric consists of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. This plush fabric combines the benefits of hemp and the comfort of cotton, and comes in a chic black colour that conceals any would-be stains.

What are the benefits of using hemp? 

Hemp creates one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world and is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin! Other benefits include: 

  • Being exceptionally strong and durable 
  • Requiring no pesticides or herbicides to grow 
  • Producing high fibre yield per acre which makes it a very sustainable choice! 

What are the benefits of using bamboo?  

Bamboo is a very soft and absorbent fabric! Some of its other benefits include: 

  • Being hypoallergenic (great for sensitive skin) 
  • Having natural antimicrobial qualities
  • Requiring less energy, water, and space to grow than cotton. 

We use OKEO-Tex 100 standard (highest international standard) bamboo. 

How do I care for my Cheeks Ahoy reusables?

All of our cloth products are easy and straightforward to care for! They can all be thrown into your regular laundry routine - simply machine wash with like colours and tumble or hang to dry. Don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets as this will decrease absorbency of the fabric! Our products will become more absorbent after a few washes. You may notice some lint shedding from the fabrics at first, and this is most noticeable on our Black Hemp items. This is normal for fabrics made from natural fibres and we recommend washing our products with like colours 2-3 times before use in order to fluff up the fabric and remove any loose lint fibres. And like all fabrics made from natural fibres, expect some shrinkage and slight pilling.

Will makeup stain the facial rounds? 

Some staining may occur, depending on the products used. Try hand-washing immediately after use and/or treat with a natural stain remover. For removing darker makeup we recommend our Black Hemp facial rounds or dark coloured flannel rounds to conceal any would-be stains.

I’m thinking of doing away with conventional single-use paper towels, how many sets of Reusable Non•Paper Towels do I need to replace them? 

Making the switch to reusable paper towels is a great way to reduce your household waste and impact on the environment! The ideal number of sets of Reusable Non•Paper Towels will depend on a number of factors including how often you are able and willing to do laundry, age and number of people living in the home, and amount of time spent in the home. One way to make a rough estimate of how many Reusable Non•Paper Towels to start with is to think about your laundry intervals and to try to determine how many disposable paper towels you use on average in between intervals. This should give you an idea of how many reusable Reusable Non•Paper Towels you might want to have on hand. Keep in mind that Reusable Non•Paper Towels can be used for multiple purposes - you may find yourself using them in situations where you wouldn’t have used conventional paper towels! And you can always order more if needed :)   

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin? 

Yes! In fact, this is how Cheeks Ahoy came to be! When we noticed that our first baby had sensitive skin, we took a close look at the products we were using. We found using wipes made from natural fibres combined with our Cheeky Bits wipes solution to be much more gentle on our baby’s cheeks than disposable baby wipes. Not only that, but they cleaned waaay better and are much more cost-effective!

I’ve heard that a rooster’s crow averages over 100 decibels. Isn’t that as loud as a chainsaw? How are roosters not all deaf?

In order to protect their ears from this level of noise, roosters actually have built-in earplugs that completely cover their ear canal when they tilt their head to crow, preventing chronic hearing loss! 🐓😄

How long will my order take to get to me?

Once your order has been placed we will get right to work. All of our items are handmade with love and care and we will aim to dispatch your order within 3-5 business days. For our Canadian customers who select the regular Canada Post shipping option, your item will be sent in an envelope as UNTRACKED letter mail. With a stamp :) 

This is an awesome cost saving option, but it means that once your envelope leaves our hands, it is not possible to track and could take up to a month to arrive (although we usually see letter mail arrive sooner, but Covid...). If it has been 4 weeks since your order was mailed and your package has yet to show up, let me know and we will work on a solution. If you would prefer to be able to track your package or need it quickly, please select the Expedited Parcel option. Thank you for understanding!

Do you ship plastic free? 

We sure do! And we use water activated paper tape and use repurposed boxes that we collect from local businesses.

What is your return policy? 

We want to help make your zero waste journey as enjoyable and meaningful as possible. If you are not totally satisfied with our products, please reach out to us! We will gladly work with you to find a solution :)

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